Sunday, 21 February 2010

The Rich Jerk

The Rich Jerk- You have probably heard of him. His real name is Kelly Felix, and he is filthy rich. The Rich Jerk has become a multimillionaire by making money online, and he is famous for his popular ebook that spills his secrets to his online success.
The question that everyone wonders after reading his unique sales pitch, is " Is this guy legit or a big scam?" Most people are aware of the get rich quick scams flooding the net these days, and it is very wise to do your research before investing in any internet product. After reading the Rich Jerk sales pitch on his website, you might go to google and type in something like "Rich Jerk Review" just to see what other people are saying about this dude. You will most likely see two common trends:
1- His book isn't for beginners
2-He's an arrogant jerk
I would have agreed that his book isn't for beginner internet marketers until the rich jerk added a new chapter in his ebook devoted to the beginners. There's no doubt the rich jerk comes off as an arrogant jerk, but it doesn't matter because he's rich and he is willing to teach you how he does it.
The rich jerk is no get rich quick scam. You won't become rich overnight using his strategies, but if you do put his secrets to use, you will make money and see results. Complete newbies can be successful with the rich jerk program, as well as experienced internet marketers.

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