Saturday, 13 February 2010


 Bluevoda is a free website building software that is really easy to use. The quality is professional and the variety of customization options allows you to flex your creativity. This is a website builder that doesn't require any programming. You don't need to have any HTML knowledge. It's simply drag and drop. The software can be downloaded directly onto your computer at no cost. I am an internet marketer and I need to be able to profit from my website, so I was definitely searching for a resource that gave me options.
One of the concerns I had when I started online was that I didn't have much tech savvy, so I was a bit worried when it came to designing my first website. Fortunately, BlueVoda is great for beginners and experienced web masters alike. Since you don't need to know html or any other code, you won't have to spend your time stuck on how to implement it. You can literally test drive it right away. Now that I've had a good deal of practice with it, I can build a simple web page in 15 minutes. If it's your first time using BlueVoda, I would suggest watching the video tutorials and then start building. After you watch them, you should be able to get a website up in no time.
With BlueVoda, you can have the same professional grade website similar to that which you would receive from a designer charging you hundreds or thousands of dollars. There are plenty of different header graphics, themed templates, blank templates and clipart that you get for free with the download. In my opinion, they provide more than I would ever need. The fact that it is a desktop application allows you to build your website without having to be connected to the Internet. However, to use Bluevoda you need to host with them as well. Their hosting service is VodaHost. This is the one caveat of the free download. That said, web hosting is very cheap through VodaHost. I only pay $7.95 per month.
So, if you're looking to profit from your website, then BlueVoda is a great option. Since the software doesn't cost anything, I highly recommend you at least download it, test it out and then see if it fits what you're looking for. Visit the link below to get access to the free software. Good luck with your website!

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