Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Blogging to the Bank.

First, I have to tell you that I have never made any money online, I am totally unfamiliar with e-marketing and, moreover, until recently I had no idea what "blog" means. But I got in to a situation when I need big money and urgently.
I have made quite a research on the Internet on making money and from all the methods out there the one described by Rob Benwell in "Blogging to the Bank" looked the most reliable to me. I have a critical set of mind, and I will never put a cent into something that does not give me the promised returns. Somehow I believed in Rob's e-book, maybe because of the way he wrote his ad letter or maybe because he promises a realistic income of up to $500 a day. Many others promise insane $60,000-80,000 a month for doing nothing. I consider them spam immediately.
Once I've decided to buy "Blogging to the Bank" I rushed doing so as I did not want to pay for it $97 instead of $47 what it costs right now. Soon he is planning to increase the price as he gets too many customers to manage the orders.
However, already in my "Thank you" letter I got an unpleasant surprise: another ad to buy a new e-book "Blog Announcer Pro" helping generate traffic to your blog. I think it is not a smart move as customers who have already trusted him get an impression that he is just trying to squeeze money out of us. But as soon as I started reading his "Blogging to the Bank" e-book I realized that it is a great stuff. It is full of useful information, without which I would not be able to do a thing, and he does reveal some secrets.
I have just started to put everything he wrote into practice and eager to find out if it really works. Somehow I feel that it does.
Sure, I am going to keep you posted on my results just keep returning to my blog.
P.S. Rob also provides in "Blogging to the Bank" a couple of software to buy. Personally, I will wait till I get some earnings using free methods he describes.

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