Saturday, 9 January 2010

Have You Tried Affiliate Marketing to Make Some Extra Money

Have you tried affiliate marketing? If you are trying to make some money on the internet, you may find that affiliate marketing is what will help you succeed. What's good about this method of doing business is you can literally start selling for free, no money output on your behalf with the exception of your internet connection. You can even get around this if you are using someone else's computer or go to a school or library.
What is affiliate marketing? It's selling another persons or business's product and being paid a percentage of the sale as a commission. It cost you nothing to sign up as an affiliate, in fact if someone charges you a fee move on to something else. You will find that commissions are paid out up 75% of the sale, so it is worth shopping around and checking the payouts.
Obviously the higher ticket items will give you a better chance of making more profit. You may sell less of an expensive item but the higher commission could offset the sales difference. The payouts to the affiliates vary. Usually you will see payday every two weeks.
You would need to set up a web site so you can promote or pre sell an item. The visitors to your site should be able to click on a link that would take then to the actual web page of the item you are selling so that your visitor can make a purchase. A code that identifies you will be imbedded in the link to identify you as the affiliate and you will be credited for the sale.
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